Scene: Alex Majoli In Conversation

Wednesday 24th April: 19.00 – 20.30

Tate Modern, Terrace Shop

Admission: £5. This Event is Now Booking!
The £5 entry fee is redeemable when purchasing a copy of Scene.

Join photographer Alex Majoli as he presents his new monograph in conversation with curator and writer David Campany.
Alex Majoli has been photographing political demonstrations, humanitarian emergencies, and quiet moments of everyday life for eight years across several continents.

The images are held together by a sense of theatre. Majoli’s photographs result from his own performance. He and his assistants enter a situation and slowly go about setting up a camera and lights. This activity is a kind of spectacle in itself and observed by those who will eventually be photographed.

Look Again: Group Looking Session

Thursday 25th April: 18.30

The Photographers’ Gallery

Admission: £5/£2.50 members & concessions

Janneke van Leeuwen leads a group discussion focussed on a single photograph, initially without any context provided. Using the Visual Thinking Strategy methodology, the group will ‘unpack’ the photograph through their combined reading. Expect to have your views listened to and possibly challenged.

Janneke van Leeuwen is an artist and neuropsychologist currently undertaking research for a PhD with University College London’s Institute of Neurology. She is Founder of the Thinking Eye, dedicated to understanding links between the human brain and our visual world.