Imaging Time: Understanding Photography as Time-based Media

The Photographers’ Gallery

Saturday 23 February: 12:00 – 14:00

Admission: £8/£5 members & concessions

In collaboration with and as part of Strangelove Time-based Media Festival 2019, this panel featuring Phoebe Boswell, Lucy Reynolds, Erica Scourti and Catherine Yass aims to explore the various relationships that photography has with, makes use of, and represents time.

Traditional notions of photography as frozen or captured moments have long since developed into narratives where the photograph acts as ‘a space of becoming’, in which meaning can be made and explored. Photography’s relationship with time has changed in the digital age, where images are increasingly vulnerable to temporal ambiguity through manipulation and retouching, whilst instantaneous production and distribution has also encouraged a resurgence and return to the use of analogue processes.