Natural Plant-based Chemistry Chemigram workshop with Hannah Fletcher

28th July 18:00 – 20:00

Online, Admission £6

This video workshop will provide you with the essentials of what you need to know to make plant-based photographic developer and fixer for chemigrams. Hannah will guide you through a range of techniques using the plant-based chemistry and demonstrate the use of various house hold materials that can be used to create resists and mark making.

Throughout the workshop, we will consider where all of the materials have come from and where they are going next, discussing material value and impact.

Online talk: Reconsidering Photographic Arts and The Economy with Rowan Lear, Eva Sajovic and Dr Lorena Lombardozzi

29th July 18:30 – 20:00

Online, Admission Donation

In this talk, we will be addressing the sustainability of the current arts economy and speculating what alternative narratives, such as strategies of abolition, withdrawal and degrowth could look like. This talk will take place via Zoom and will be chaired by Hannah Fletcher. Tickets by donation with proceeds going directly to the speakers.

Screen Walk with Google Street View Photographer Bot

29th July 18:00

Online, Free Event

Join Google Street View Photographer Bot in a live-streamed online exploration

In this summer intermission, Screen Walks outsources its activities to a non-human photographer. Departing from the locations where some of the most iconic images of street photography were taken, it will screenshot freely, experimenting with the idea of an algorithmic psychogeography.

Phytogram Workshop with Karel Doing

30th July 11:00 – 12:00

Online, Admission £6

Artist and filmmaker Karel Doing will give a workshop about phytography, a technique that makes it possible to render detailed chemical traces of plants directly on photographic emulsion. The process takes place in full daylight and makes use of biodegradable chemistry. During the workshop the artist will explain his technique, placing it in a historical lineage of experimental photography and film while also connecting it to ecological awareness. After this introduction, a hands-on demonstration is provided. For setting up your own experiments you will need (expired) photographic paper, soda crystals, vitamin-C powder, normal fix and two dark room trays.

Nettle, Seaweed and Plant Developers with Julia Parks (Stills, 16mm)

31st July 11:00 – 14:00

Online, Admission £6

On the workshop day we will discuss equipment and materials required, we will go through the process step by step and talk about the different outcomes between photographic film and 16mm film stocks. Julia will discuss some of the reasons she is interested in alternative development and other materials you can use. Julia will share suppliers as well as books and other learning resources for you to go away and try your own workshops.

This workshop is part of the London Alternative Photography Collective The Sustainable Darkroom programme now taking residency at Guest Projects and funded by London Community Response Fund

Slow Looking: Pranav Lal

1st August 15:00

Online, Free event but need to book

Join this online edition of slow looking featuring three photographs by Pranav Lal. Depending on the discussion, this session should last 50 to 70 minutes. 

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