Call for Artists



Deadline: 20 April 2017

Curated by Bertha Wang, Yufan Lu, and supervised by Ivana D’Accico


London Photography Diary is excited to announce it is seeking entries for its fifth exhibition, on the theme ‘Belonging, Being, Becoming’, to be presented at Carmel by the Green in East London. As anyone who has lived in a metropolis can attest, the speed of daily life can be relentless. We are often swept along with the crowd, mediated blindly down streets, onto station platforms and underground, up escalators to our place of work and back home again, with such breathless pace that we often become indifferent to our surroundings. Technology has further exacerbated the issue; offering up constant distraction and connectivity but distancing us from our immediate environment and those physically closest to us.

In his essay of 1903 entitled “The Metropolis and Mental Life”, German sociologist Georg Simmel theorised this ostensible aloofness as a mental coping mechanism against the overstimulation of city life (with its constant bustle, its crowds and rapid speed of change), something he termed the “blasé attitude”, the essence of which is “an indifference towards the distinctions between things.” On the other hand, Brandon Stanton’s infamous photo-blog “Humans of New York” can be seen as acting as a corrective to our sensory ennui; detailing with warmth the deep lived experiences of individuals and privileging the richness of such one-to-one encounters. It helps to illustrate that in our modern quest to be constantly arriving “somewhere”, we rarely get where we want to be, at least emotionally speaking, and in our hurry miss the beauty and humanity waiting around us.

We are looking for international submissions from artists responding to the theme, exploring the intertwined relationship between the individual, the crowd and the metropolis in varied, exciting and revealing ways. As always we welcome a wide-range of approaches, which might include (but is not limited to) street photography, documentary photography, photo-portraiture and conceptual work.

Selected works will be exhibited at Carmel by the Green in East London between 4 May and 4 July 2017. All submissions must be received by 20 April to be eligible for consideration.


*Text by Daniel Pateman

Submission Guidelines